Create Your Style with the Apple Watch Series 6 44mm Bands

When it comes to revolutionary technology, Apple does not disappoint. From the series of smartphones, high-performance laptops, and now, their watch series. In the watch series collection, you can find different styles and sizes to match your perfect look. And if you are an explorer, you can customize your watch with any case from Apple’s watch studio. So, among all these classy, multi-functional watches, how do you choose from the best Apple watch series 6 collection?

Features of the Apple watch series 6

There are many stylish ways to complete a look, but matching your favorite outfit with an Apple Watch Series 6, 44mm band upgrades your look. So, how does the best Apple watch series 6 44mm bands differ from other smartwatches?

Style with the Apple Watch Series 6 44mm Band (2)

Below are some features to highlight its superiority;

  1. Fitness App

You are probably thinking, “don’t all smartwatches have this?”

Well, the truth is, yes, they do, but the level of service delivery matters. And if you want a partner that pushes you further into your goal while remaining stylish, then the 44mm band watch from Apple is the device for you.

The watch is not only for use in the gym. You can choose from the swimming, yoga, and cycling workout options provided and get started on keeping fit.

  1. Keep an eye on your O2 Levels

That’s new. And yes, you can keep track of how much oxygen is in your bloodstream. Now, how cool is that? Using LEDs in the redesigned back crystal, you can better understand how well your blood absorbs oxygen.

The blue, red, and green LEDs illuminate your blood vessels, while the photodiodes measure the light illuminated back. And depending on the color of your blood, the Blood Oxygen App calculates the oxygen concentration in your blood.

  1. Keep track of your sleep patterns

Do you feel tired even after trying to sleep for a few hours? If that is the case, then the Sleep App on the Apple Watch series 6 44mm band will help you create a routine and track your sleep patterns. Remember, the best way to reward your body is by allowing it to relax when you sleep.

  1. An ECG on the Move

That’s right; you can keep track of your heartbeat and pulse rate anytime, anywhere with the best Apple watch series 6 44mm band. The Single-lead electrocardiogram built at the back crystal keeps track of your heart rhythms and even alerts you of irregular heartbeats.

And at the hospital, the watch provides a lot of insight to the doctor regarding your condition.

  1. Audio apps

You can agree that life without music can be pretty dull. And when you are slaying off in the gym or hiking and need some motivation, the right music can help push you across the finish line. That said, the Apple watch series 6 44mm band comes with music, podcast, and audiobook compatibility.

So, you can pick one of the 75million songs on the Apple store or your collection and listen throughout the day. And if you need the motivation to keep that body moving, Apple has got you covered.

Style with the Apple Watch Series 6 44mm Band

Color Choice

All these features are pretty impressive, but not as much as the fact that you can change your watch straps to any color from the finishes collection at Apple Watch studios. Including a red and blue aluminum case, you can choose the one that fits best with your style or favorite color.

These are new additions to the space black, gold, and silver cases existing in the collection.


Apple Watch studios take pride in providing you with options like no other smartwatch product. To match your look, you can choose your best pick from the titanium, stainless steel, and recycled aluminum.

The straps, made from soft, stretchable silicone rubber, are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. These silicone straps are made from recycled polyester yarn, making them beautiful and textural.

Create your style

With all these features at your disposal, Apple gives you a choice to customize your watch with its case and band collections.

The bands, made of durable yet soft materials, feature a pin and tuck closure, which means no more struggle with a cuff.

The bands come in deep navy, black, white, Capri blue, Mallard green, Pink Sand, and Cyprus green colors.

And from the 9-size bands available, you can tailor your watch to meet your performance, design, and size specifications for your wrist.

Customizable display

There’s a reason why this watch tops the list of stylish and classy looks. For the best Apple watch series 6 44mm band, it sure does match up to its name. The always-on display comes with easy navigations, and you no longer need to keep raising your wrist to wake it.

On the other hand, the display comes with countless options to rearrange faces. So, if you are happy with one today, you can change it tomorrow depending on your style, mood, and activity. And if you want to share your favorite face with friends and family, one swipe of a button and you spread the joy.

Final Thoughts

The Series 6, 44mm band, with new features, provides more versatility for both health and beauty enthusiasts. It offers high-performance health tracking solutions, along with fitness motivating features. That aside, you can customize your watch for the perfect style that suits your taste. The materials, colors, and sizes available at Apple Watch studios make it so that you can have the best without compromising on comfort. Also, this lightweight watch is easy to wear and take off.

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