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Show Them Your Charisma With Classic Men’s Green Bomber Jacket

Even though it’s women’s fashion that is assumed to be one of the most complicated things existing on earth, the difficulty level is evaluated right next to the examinations for getting into Massachusetts. Yet, it’s not indeed the case.


Women’s fashion contains an abundance of diversity of styles and types of clothing, which may seem very overwhelming apparently. Still, in reality, it is easier to decide exactly what you want. But the real complications manage to creep in for men’s fashion.


However, diversity this generation wants to bring into their closet, and no matter how many new designs are curated, men’s fashion items are limited, at least when compared to women’s, making it harder for men to calculate the variations needed. However, men’s fashion has plenty of timeless pieces that never fail to level up the fashion game of men. No matter how saturated the market gets with that genre of clothing, it would still make the one wearing it stand out in the crowd for the style laced on the garment.


And if you already know what it is, you got it right, Bomber jackets. And even though you may find plenty of colours of Bomber Jackets that look just as fine and chic, there’s something about a classic men’s green bomber jacket that takes your entire look to a different level, coated with taste and fashion.

green bomber jacket


The style is flocking back into the market.


  • Bomber jackets are madly on the market at present. Everywhere you look, there’s at least one man who is wearing one of these. Making it a saturated yet classy piece of garment, especially in 2021. It’s pretty interesting how even the extreme popularity graph of a piece of clothing doesn’t affect the outfit it creates if that’s a timeless piece already, like the bomber jackets.


  • These went so viral that women started ditching their female bomber jackets, and wearing men’s oversized bomber jackets became a female Instagram trend in no time. As bizarre as it could be, trends are indeed unbelievable!


  • The popularity has reached one such peak where high-end luxury brands as huge as Tom Ford and Ermenegildo Zegna were bound to pay some attention to bomber jackets as well. Resulting in designing and launching premium jackets of the same fashion but with luxurious twists, a must.


  • And not only that. The style was even improvised and launched into the market by affordable fashion brands like Sandbank and Alpha industries with their unique touch and consistent restock and efforts to meet the hiking demands of the market, considering how the upwards graph of bomber jackets is not anticipated to come down any soon.


Are these jackets just a whimsical fad, or is it indeed a useful piece?


  • Nothing that is timeless and is so well accepted by people of all strata of the society is ever not a useful piece of clothing. People may get swayed away by how fashionable a piece is without detecting its utility, making it a trend, but that never lasts. Only things that are indeed functional and can keep providing value to one’s closet is what the fashion industry calls a “timeless piece of clothing.”


  • Bomber jackets, besides having their immense utility, carry a dependable factor to them. You can carry it and reliably use it for the purpose you’ve got them for, and they will serve you just right. Besides being that elegant piece to amp your outfit, it indeed does its purpose instead of being there just for show, and hence, it is a must-have for you.


Style your Style Quotient


  • Even though just putting on one of those bomber jackets is enough to make you like ten times more gorgeous than you already are, perfect styling of the same can make that day a memorable one for you, with all those heads turning towards you with great admiration. But how exactly should you style them to make the best out of their potential?


  • A pair of designer sneakers can never go wrong. Sneakers, being themselves as timeless as bomber jackets are, have that innate ability to complement any outfit you wear and bring out the casual yet stylish and significant sense of fashion. And when both exclusive pieces of clothing come together, the consequences are lowkey to die for.


  • Dress your bomber jacket up with a nice semi-formal shirt from your closet that creates a nice blend of soothing contrast with the colour of your bomber jacket. This would help you create a semi-formal, smart casual look that you can carry to anywhere you wish to and slay it.


The types of Bomber Jacket you possibly need


You may choose to have an entire separate closet of bomber jackets, being that is all you wear, and nobody is ever going to complain.  But below are a few variations you may try on once to check if they suit your tests or not and if that is exactly what you want for yourself.


  • A leather bomber jacket


If there’s any word that has been curated so far to define anything that’s beyond classic, that is the word you need to refer to a leather bomber jacket. Firstly, they are bomber jackets already, filled to the brim with elegance and style. But when leather adds to it, the combination becomes an appropriate style for a significant occasion. You can carry them to any significant ceremony or place you need to dress well for, and boom, you are certainly the centre of attention.

Play the game stronger by pairing them with classic blue denim to bring out the chill vibe in you and your style.


  • A black bomber – a staple


Back by itself is a staple colour in any style of clothing. And if you already consider first buying w black variant of a trend before buying any other colour, so should your rules be for a bomber jacket. Black being itself as sophisticated as it is, brings out the sophistication of the design of a bomber jacket, and your entire outfit would scream high-end fashion even if your entire outfit is under a budget.


  • The ones with some art or embroidery


Art and embroidery are things that are never out of style. A simple piece of clothing can also become an exclusive one with some exceptional artwork or cultural embroidery. But when it comes to bomber jackets, the combination is unmatched. A tie and dye, a thread work, or the classic animal print, your bomber jacket is designed to elevate your outfit of the day and badge it the honour of rich taste.


And there you go,  flaunting your Classic Men’s Green Bomber Jacket or Fire red Japanese architecture bomber jacket and let the jaws drop and let people shower you with compliments. Feel your own confident and fashionable self in these garment pieces and bring the best out of you whenever you want.

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