apple cider shandy

Orange & Ginger Apple Cider Shandy #howsweetbabyshower

Today I am taking part of a virtual celebration of sorts for one of my dearest friends, as arranged by the hilarious Bev (that Instagram, tho.) and the lovely Ashley! As I’m sure most of you know, Jessica (of How Sweet It Is) is having a baby! A baby who I think might actually come out covered in sprinkles. But like in a cute way, not a weird “wtf is my baby covered in sprinkles?” way. She also just wrote a book. You should order it. Trust me.

apple cider shandy

Mine and Jess’ friendship was pretty much instantaneous. I think we first bonded over a girl crush on Miranda Lambert and obsession with Felicity, but through this magical world of blogging have since become a real-life friends and I’m so grateful for that. Few people appreciate/share my over-usage of exclamation points, “OMG”s and love of television quite like she does, and also she’s just a pretty great friend all around. When I first started dealing with my fertility issues, Jess was one of the only people I talked to about it, and she will forever have a place in my heart for that.

SO… In honor of the lovely Jessica…

How Sweet Final Graphic

 (Amazing job with the graphic, Ashley.)

I made something boozy. And perfect for fall!

apple cider shandy

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking I’m a crappy friend for choosing to make a cocktail for a baby shower. But that’s where you’re wrong. A- I’m an awesome friend so your theory is already bunk. And 2, I know that Jess loves her a seasonal cocktail and so I’m taking one for the team and drinking this in her honor. See? Best friend ever.

This cocktail is one that I have been thinking about since I first saw fresh apple cider make its way into my grocery store. I wanted to make something adult-beverage-y with it, but since I’m not a big liquor person, I went the beer route. The great thing about this drink is that it’s light enough you can have a few, it is only half a beer after all, and it’s not too sweet like some of the hard ciders out there. The ginger and orange add another level of spice that really hit this one home for me and basically made this taste like fall in a glass.

Oh and also, I bought these glasses for Brandon for Christmas, as in this upcoming Christmas which has not happened yet, which I then had to tell him… so now we just have new pilsner glasses and I have to buy him more things. #bestwifeever

 apple cider shandy

Orange Ginger Apple Cider Shandy
Makes 2
Prep time 5 min
You’ll Need:
1 12oz beer (I used Dogfish Head Namaste, but any lager or wheat beer would work great)
1 cup ginger beer
3/4 cup apple cider
1 orange for orange peel garnish

Directions: In a separate glass or pitcher, combine ginger beer and cider. Pour equal halves of the beer into each glass, add cider mixture and garnish with orange peel. Enjoy.

apple cider shandy

So cheers to you, my sweet friend, and to your little one who is (OMG!!) almost here! xoxo

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