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Good news, friends. After lots of lounging around and a mini-coma this weekend (aka I slept almost 24 hours total) I am feeling back to my boisterous self again.

Actually that’s a horrible adjective to describe me, but a fun word, so it stays.

So as I mentioned, I had a fabulous little last-minute trip to Atlantic City, NJ Thursday night, and it was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. We stayed at Harrah’s (which is where we stayed in Vegas, coincidentally) and despite a few questionable stains we found upon arriving in our room (shudder), it was really nice. Much to our pleasant surprise, there was some sort of Miss America Senior pageant going on, which as you can imagine was pretty amazing. Those ladies were killing it in their tiaras and sashes.
And believe it or not, this was the closest I’ve gotten to going to a beach this year.

Harrahs sunset

The view from our room

We definitely have a lot of fun, but the true highlight of the night (for me) was the Journey tribute band, Separate Ways, who rocked. Hard. The lead singer looked and sounded just like Steve Perry (the original Journey front man), and they played all my faves. During Any Way You Want It, I may have been pulled up on stage, and I may have danced & sang along to Any Way You Want It. Thankfully any photographic/video evidence of that was promptly deleted at my request demand. But I can certainly promise you that I both looked and sounded way better in my head than in real life. Shocking, I know.

(Side note: I also highly suspect said lead singer was former child actor Danny Cooksey who played Budnick on Salute Your Shorts, but with dark hair.)

You decide:





So anyways, that was super fun. Then we hit up the Gypsy Bar at the Borgata and danced to some classic 90’s jams for a while. (Biz Markie and Vanilla Ice? Yes please.) My feet were none too pleased the next day, but that’s the price to pay when you party like champs.


love these ladies

Waking up the next morning was less than pleasant, and some choice words were mumbled from my bunk-mate when she got up to close the blinds. I was definitely ready to head home, even just after one night.

Saturday I decided I couldn’t live on fast food forever, and that whole “hangover” excuse to eat like a college student can only last so long, so I decided to make something easy and delicious.

Enter Jessica’s Beer BBQ Pulled Chicken.

(note: I added garlic powder, some Worcestershire sauce, diced onions and a dash of Frank’s Red Hot.)

BBQ chix

Just. Yes.

I think I’ve finally fully recovered from my little AC getaway, and should probably get back to like… cooking nutritious meals and cleaning my house.
At least when I sing in my kitchen and two-step with my Swiffer, no one is watching.

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