Lust List

Perhaps a more appropriate name for this post would be:

“Things I really really want but no way in hell can afford.”
Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Also I may have just checked, re-checked, then triple checked my bank account juuuust to make sure I didn’t accidentally misplace, oh say, $1000. Sigh. Still empty.

Despite probably having to sell plasma or play my guitar on the street corner to even afford one of these items, I present to you:

My Fall 2011 Lust List:

Let’s do this.

1. Lace-up ankle booties


Not only am I 99% sure my American Girls Doll had these exact shoes (perhaps with a tad smaller heel), but just the sight of them makes me want to re-watch the entire Anne of Green Gables series and say pretentious things in an old school house building. These paired with a longer-length full a-line skirt and a pair of bright, patterned tights would be super chic. Loves.

2. And speaking of skirts…

Teal the Deal Skirt

Not only do I love the color of this skirt (teal is one of the on-trend colors this fall), but I adore the fullness of it. It feels really Mad Men and whimsical, and is long enough to wear to work, which at my ripe old age of 28 is a huge bonus when buying apparel these days. Also… it’s only $29.99. I could just eat Ramen for a week and totally budget for this one.

3. Red Skinny Cords

Vintage matchstick cord

From J. Crew

I love that brightly-colored corduroy and denim are so popular right now, and I’ve been praying every night that the Pants Fairy send me a cherry red pair. And world peace. However I suspect the Pants Fairy doesn’t have a lot to do with that one… She can put a word in for me with the Peace Fairy.

4. A Stand Out Swing Jacket

Ascot Swing Coat


The color… the bow… the nod to mod… there isn’t one thing about this jacket that doesn’t make me a little bit giddy. I would probably put my hair up in a ginormous bun, throw on some ridiculous over-sized sunglasses, and march up and down the city streets like Audrey Hepburn. Why must you torture me with your out-of-reach prices, Anthro? WHY??

And last but not least…

5. Flowy 70’s Style Peasant Blouses

Flowy 70’s Style Peasant

Forever 21

I mean who doesn’t love a good flowy top when they’re having a “fat day”? Big salad? Not today, friends. Pass the pizza. It’s like wearing stretch pants to a buffet. Except with lace, and much more refined.
I love the femininity and effortlessness of 70’s BoHo style, but always make sure to ask myself one very important question before I leave the house: “Do I look like Mary Kate Olsen? No? K, I’m good.” (Thanks to Megan for that link).

Well there you have it. All the things I will inevitably drool over for the next few weeks until I break down and charge at least one or two of them, and then swear I’m going to chop my credit cards into little bitty pieces. Otherwise I do accept gifts in the form of any of the items listed above, preferably size M. Have I told you lately how gorgeous you are?

Tell me… what is the one item you’d buy to add to your wardrobe right now if you could?

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