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A Few Things Friday

Look at me posting 3 times this week! Obviously my life has slowed down a little, but in the best possible way. So let’s get into it, shall we?

1. I’m finally feeling more confident in my new job, which is going amazingly, for anyone who cares to know. I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and things have just kind of naturally aligned for me. I love that I get to be creative, and it’s constantly encouraged. I have to say, it’s extremely refreshing. I hope it’s not just some “honeymoon phase”, but I have a feeling that I actually just totally lucked out.

2. My workout schedule is insanely different these days than it was a year ago. I’ve started taking yoga twice a week at an awesome studio that I have quickly become addicted to. As I mentioned before, a lovely little Groupon brought me here, but I have a feeling I’ll be sticking around for awhile. There is something about yoga that not only makes me feel calmer and less anxious, but stronger and leaner. I miss a lot of the classes I was going to at my old gym, but I’m really enjoying just going a little slower pace, taking long walks with my pup and not killing myself trying to lift insane amounts of weights. To keep things balanced I’ve started really cutting back on carbs and the whole drinking wine 4 5 6 nights a week I had going for a while there, and it’s actually going pretty well. We’ll see how long I can keep it up…

3. One of the best parts of Brandon’s job is that some of their clients randomly give them free shit. (And here I thought the biggest perk would be marrying someone who be handy around the house.) Like this week, we got an entire bag of veggies from one of his client’s CSA’s. It was my first experience with one of these, but let me tell you, I am about ready to join one. Look at all the stuff we got!

Inside this monstrous bag was kale, lettuce, spring onions, fresh garlic, strawberries, parsley, radishes and carrots. All organic, and best of all, ALL FREE!

And like a good little girl, I cleaned and chopped it all up right away so I would (hopefully) use it all and not let is just rot away in my crisper.

Seriously, how awesome is that? I even made a delicious dinner by sauteeing some kale, onions and fresh garlic with a little olive oil and wine tossed with some Trader Joe’s pasta I had from my DC trip.

Speaking of…

4. Since I’ve finally been to Trader Joe’s, it’s like I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit and I want more! Brandon is obsessed with the 3 cheese marinara sauce and I think a world war might break out in my office when I finally run out of dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. I think I might have to start making bi-monthly trips just to stock up on the goods. Plus it won’t hurt I’ll maybe get to spend some QT with a few lovely ladies

Anyways, that’s all I got for ya on this lovely Friday. I know this post is a lot more sunshine and rainbows than my usual sarcastic drivel, but it may be due to my recent shift into a more om state of existence, but then again it might be due to the 2 glasses of wine I’ve had tonight. Hey, I said I was cutting back, not cutting it out completely.

Hope you all have fantastical weekends- and don’t forget…. My favorite part of summer: True Blood comes back this Sunday! Weeeee!




Well now I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit.  Little did I know, that with one little clickety-clack of my mouse just a few short days ago, that my life would be forever changed.

I am, of course, referring to buying a Groupon to a real life yoga studio.

Do you know what they do in there?? They burn incense.  And candles!  And it smells of eucalyptus and dreams.  They use props, I tell you!  Blocks and straps and bolsters (oh my!).  It’s like this whole little community that I’ve always been destined to be a part of.  You guys know that I’ve done yoga before (many times, in fact) but this is different.  My distractions are lesser, my poses are deeper and my awareness of breath is heightened beyond any other yoga experience I’ve had before.  Something happened to me when I first stretched out on my little turquoise rubber mat, in that dimly lit room, and it can only be described as magical.

So what really hurts is the realization that in just 8 short classes, this magnificent experience will be ripped, nay, wrestled away from my grasp and I’ll be faced with a very expensive decision.  One that I think I know the answer to and my purse strings clench just at the mere thought.  I’m still not totally sure why a membership to a yoga studio costs a year’s salary and your first-born child…  But what it comes down to is that I am less of a psycho-emotional-anxiety-ridden-best of a human with a little more om in my life, and can you really put a price tag on that?

Also it smells like angel kisses in there.

Do you guys pay to go to a yoga studio?  Do you think it’s worth the hefty price tag?


Marvel-ous Weekend

Morning, y’all.  Happy Monday and all that jazz.  Speaking of “jazz”, did anyone else watch the Will Ferrell SNL this weekend?  It was meh at best (sorely disappointed) but the “Broadway Sizzle” skit had my almost peeing my pants.  Frankly, I should have been close to pants-peeing-status the whole time, but once again, one of the greats lets me down.  Sigh.

What did not let me down this weekend was the cinematic splendor that is The Avengers.

Once I heard Joss Whedon was directing, I was on board.  Not only was I a die-hard Buffy fan, but I love his knack for writing strong female characters.  My dad was also a huge Marvel comics fan as a kid, which I always thought was so cool, and the love for all things super hero has definitely rubbed off on me.  (X-Men 2 is probably in my top 10 favorite movies ever.)  But anyways, Avengers.  Amazing.  The special effects were everything I wanted and more, and thankfully I was still able to follow along without having seen Hulk or Thor.  (Although after reveling in the beauty that is Chris Hemsworth, Thor has quickly shot up to the top of my must-see list.)  ScarJo was pretty bad-ass as Black Widow, Chris Evans = eye candy, RDJ stole the movie as Iron Man but I have to say my favorite character in the movie was, hands-down, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner aka the Hulk.  I wasn’t really sure how that casting was going to work out, but he was perfect.  Dare I say I may have a little Hollywood crush on him?
So in short: go see it.  It had all the elements of a corny super hero movie, but in just the right proportions.  I’m sure Stan Lee was very happy with the finished product.

After totally nerding out on Saturday, I spend Sunday snuggling with this guy

And stuffing my face with waffles, bacon and mimosas at a Mother’s Day brunch at the little bro’s house.  As you can see, the whole “clean up your diet” thing is working out really well for me.  Oh well, it’s Monday, and I’m planning on going to a new yoga studio tonight thanks to the wonders of Groupon.  Baby steps…

Take care, brush your hair!


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