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Non-Beauty Favorites

Hey there, happy Monday, friends!  This weekend I decided to do a quick(ish) video featuring some of my non-makeup-hair-body-thing-type-favorites, and share some of the other random things that are making my life a little more enjoyable.

Everything from my favorite wine to music, tv and Target.

I’ve also made up a new month:  Maypril.  You’re welcome.


Collective Beauty Haul

So before I *really* enforced my “no more buying new beauty products” rule…. I bought a few more new beauty products.  However, from this point on, I am making it VERY CLEAR to myself that I must use up what I’ve got before I do any more damage in the colorful cosmetic isles of Target or CVS.

However… this was then, that is now.

beauty haul

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz around the Revlon “Nearly Naked” line in the last few weeks, and if not, let me be the first.  This line is very much like the Urban Decay “Naked” (um, hello identical font) concept and is meant to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.  This worried me at first, since I tend to shy away from “sheer coverage” products.  However, after multiple reviews about the build-ability-factor of this line, I was very much intrigued.

nearly naked

I chose to pick up both the foundation and powder (because us oily-skinned girls can NEVER have too much powder) and I’m actually completely in love with both.  The foundation is almost the exact same color as my skin, and blends in effortlessly with a very light but medium-coverage finish.  I do need a little concealer after I apply it, just for the stubborn marks and scars, but overall, it’s a ‘beaut of a foundation.  And the powder is also very light, but kind of a beast in the long-lasting category.  I applied this in the morning on my first run, and it stayed put way into the afternoon.


And just who would I be without some lip products… I picked up another of my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (obvi) and this time in Rendezvous.  This little gem is possibly the winner of the whole bunch.  If you’re someone looking to try some of the orange/coral spring beauty trends, I would absolutely suggest starting here.  The color is very buildable, and not too shocking of a color.  I’ve been wearing it non-stop, so expect it to pop up again in next month’s favorites fo sho.

The Color Whispers are another new obsession, this one in Lust for Blush only adds to my love.  It is one of the prettiest nude/pinks I’ve ever worn and it smells like straight Fruit Loops.  FRUIT LOOPS, PEOPLE.

To check out the rest, here’s a “quick” video…

And if you need me I’ll be doing my best to not drive past a Target or CVS for the next month or so.

Have you picked up any new products you’d like to share?  Not that I should even ask, because we all know where that will lead…


A Few Things Friday

Happy first day of March!  Now can it please stop snowing like every f*&#king day?

Ok, let’s do this.

1.  Meet my new lover.  A gorgeous, faux-suede little number in the mintiest of greens.

target purse

The good news is, it’s adorable.  (And it was from Target, so it was pretty cheapo.)  The bad news is that I wore it with black leggings the other day and now the back of this little guy looks like it was drug through the streets of NYC and run over by a tractor trailer.  But it was the last one at my Tarjay, and I love it…and who really sees the back?  So yeah, keeping it.

2.  Speaking of purses, I’m toying with doing a “What’s in My Bag” vlog/post.  What are your thoughts?  Love them?  Hate them?  I for one, LOVE them, but I’m a weird creeper who likes to stalk people and get insider looks into their most intimate methods of carrying wallets and lipgloss.

3.  I am gearing up for my February Beauty Favorites post, but before I spill all the beans, let me just tell you that I have fallen hard for the Maybelline “The Vivids” line, and I can see myself wearing this hot pink color for the next solid 3 months.


Except… then I’d feel bad for all my other neglected lip products, so I’ll have to work them in somehow.  Is anyone else crazy like me, and feels bad for like… inanimate objects that don’t get as much love as others?  Like if I don’t wear certain pairs of shoes for too long I make an effort to wear them so they don’t become the red-headed step children of my footwear.  No? Just me?

I know.. Issues.

4.  Have I told you guys yet that I gave up wine for Lent?

I’ll give you a moment.

It’s like I don’t even know what is going on right now.  Whatever it is, it’s not nearly as fun.  And the most alarming fact here is that since I’ve not been drinking, I’ve been allowing myself eat a little more freely.  For example, last weekend we ate McDonald’s breakfast and Five Guy within 12 hours of one another, and yet I was down 2 lbs Monday morning.  THAT is how many calories I’ve cut out by not drinking.  Again… issues.

5.  So I’m sorry I forgot I promised to upload my “DIY Ombre” video this week, but I swear I’ll find some way to work it in to the mix soon.  I am really excited to tell you guys about it!  It was sooo easy and under $12.  Word.

6.  I’m not sure what’s going on with Girls this season, but I’m feeling very unsatisfied.  WHERE IS SHOSH?? I mean really.  I am so over seeing Hannah’s boobs and hearing every gross detail about her personal and hygienic issues.  Can we get back to the days when there was like.. more Shosh?  Also, check this out.  It’s kind of amazing.

7.  We have a pretty intense countdown underway for the return of our favorite show: Game of Thrones.  I’ve watched this trailer no less than 20 times.  OMMGGGG… hurry up March 31st!!!

K that’s all, love you, byyyeeee…


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