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Current Non-Beauty Favorites (Vlog)

I’ve got a few (sort of new) items that I’m currently loving, and because I love you all so dearly, I thought I’d share them with you!

For those of you not into the video posts, here is a breakdown.  Most of them are actually pretty, dare I say… cheap?  One in particular was a bit of a splurge, but so freaking worth it.  And those are my Lululemon High Rise Wunder Unders.  I’ve been waiting to snag a pair of these for a while now, so when I found myself in Lulu while in Pittsburgh, I knew it was finally time.  And these high rise guys are extra awesome because for high-waist-ed ladies like myself, they don’t give you those awkward lines where they hit your hips, and actually kind of suck you in and flatten your belly.  Please and thank you.

wunder under high rise

Speaking of extreme comfort, leopard smoking slippers, anyone?

leopard slippers

(These guys are on sale at Target right now for $13.)

I also got a few items at T.J. Maxx, including this beautiful mirrored tray to place my skin care items on, and a lovely little rose gold votive holder that I’m currently using to corral my myriad of lip products.

tj maxx tray

Sooo fancy.

And, of course, I had to mention my re-purchased Marc Jacobs clutch from the Target/Neiman Marcus collection in rose gold.

marc jacobs clutch


So that’s it, not too many items but all great little finds.  What random things are you guys loving right now?  Maybe don’t tell me because I’ll probably end up buying more stuff which is kind of forbidden right now… (And by kind of forbidden  I mean shouldn’t but probably will.)


A Few Things Friday

1.  Every New Year someone says “I can’t believe it’s _______!  Remember when it was 1999 and we were all fah-reaking out that the world was going to end?!?!”  And they smile all goofy and wide-eyed, and sometimes I just stare at them and say, “I don’t remember much since the ‘incident’…” and walk away.  Because things like that are fun for me.

2.  I HAVE A NEW SHOW ADDICTION. (Yes, that deserves all caps.) Anyways, I watched the entire first season, and caught up on the second season of Revenge last weekend and, um, wowza.  Just amazingness.  Any show with a kick-ass chick that can do like, kung-fu and manipulate people with her tricky, smoldering, womany ways is always a win in my book, but this show is like a legit soap opera.  Every week someone is getting slapped, divorced or murdered and I LOVE IT.  If you need a good show to fill in some down time, I highly recommend it.  Also, there is some serious sexual man candy and I have a huge girl crush on Emily Thorne/real Amanda Clark.


3.  So about that Target/Neiman Marcus collaboration… would you think less of me if I told you I returned everything I bought a week after I first bought it at full price and then just re-purchased everything at 70% off?  Ok then I didn’t… (I did.) But a Marc Jacobs clutch at $20 is cray.  And now someone please slap me for saying “cray.”

4.  I like to think of myself as a pretty independent little lady, but when it comes to anything car-related I’m hot mess.  For example, I had that little “tire pressure” light come on in my car last week and immediately pulled off the road and called my boss, screaming that I had a flat tire and I’d be super late for work.  Turns out that just means you need more air.  Also the fact that my tire wasn’t flat would have been a great clue for that.

5.  I went to Dunkin Donuts this week and had the guy at the counter predict my drink order like a boss.  I’m talking: Medium latte, skim milk with a flavor.  He couldn’t guess that the flavor was coconut, but HOLY CRAP!  I don’t know what this says about me, if I’m like, some kind of mark for frothy warm drinks or if my man was psychic, but I assure you I’d never been to that DD before and now I’m going to have to go back in nothing less than a full disguise and re-test this phenomenon.

Dunkin Donuts

6.  I am a total failure in the kitchen these days.  I like to think it’s because of the holidays, but I feel like I haven’t cooked an actual meal in months.  At least nothing new or remotely exciting.  I made it through my 30-days of Paleo (barely), having tried a few new things, but mostly I’ve been throwing crap in a crockpot or eating scrambled eggs.  I need inspiration, people!!

So let me know if you have any good recipes that I should try in the comments, and you can even leave links, that shit doesn’t bother me.  Enjoy your weekends, loves, catch you on the flip side!


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