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Weekend Girls Trip/Random Ramblings

As I mentioned in my last AFTF, I took a little road trip this weekend to the lovely town of Pittsburgh (Steelers fans, aside…) to visit my homegirl Jess.  I was supposed to go that way for a work meeting, but it got moved to another week and instead of canceling at the last minute, I decided to make the trek simply for pleasure instead of business.

I knew it would be a great trip, because Jess is one of those people who I just naturally have a great time with.  And as someone who is pretty much never in the market for new friends (I have a hard enough time keeping in touch with the few I have…), that’s a rare occurence.  And as I’d hoped, I even got to spend a little QT with the adorable Lacy (Jess’ cousin) who I also immediately loved, and not just because we share 99% of the same wardrobe.  As requested, they took me to the much-tweeted-and-instagrammed-about Chica Loco Tacos, where we swooned over the best freaking queso I’ve ever had, and shopped our little hearts out in the adorable Shadyside.

chica loco tacos

Jess and I managed to have ourselves quite the little makeup party Saturday morning, reminding me yet again the sadness that I endure by never having had a sister.

makeup party

Just imagine all the wonderful things you could borrow/steal from one another!  Clothes. makeup, boys, attention… the list is really endless.

As anticipated, I didn’t do much shopping for others, but did manage to finally purchase my first pair of Wunder Unders. (Happy early birthday to meeee!)  I also went a little crazy in Sephora, buying two Laura Mercier products that I’d been lusting after the last few weeks.  (I seriously need to stop it with the YouTube beauty videos, it is not doing great things for my wallet or the ever-shrinking amount of free space left in my makeup drawer.)  And please don’t get the wrong idea here- I am in no way in a position to be blowing money on fancy makeup, but I tend to get a little loose in the purse strings around the holidays… But other than that, I scored an adorable Rachel Roy dress in Macy’s for next-to-nothing and so it was a pretty successful trip on the shopping front.  I did pick up a few gift sets at Trader Joe’s, but I can’t discuss these things because some of the recipients may be reading… but just know that I’ve been on a diet of Speculoos candy bars and kale spinach dip for the last 2 days as a direct result of said TJ’s trip.

Back to the topic of beauty videos, I’ve actually been toying with the idea of doing a vlog about some of the most recent things I’ve bought, but I’m one part unsure if it would be all that interesting, and two parts terrified.  I always love seeing what beauty products other people are using/buying, but don’t really know if mine would be all that video-worthy.  Anyways, I’ll keep stewing about it for a few days and see if I get the time or the balls to actually do it.

On a random purchase-related note, I did pick up a few things from the Neiman Marcus collection for Target, but have decided to return all of it. Having said that, I’m 99% sure there’s a photo of me somewhere in Target’s customer service area, depicting me as a repeat returner.  I swear they see me coming from a mile away…  It’s kind of a problem.

Well I hope you all had lovely weekends, and here’s to a speedy work week!


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