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A Few Things Friday

1.  Last weekend I decided I should finally clean out my closet for the winter season, and tuck away all those tiny tank tops and summer dresses to make room for my ever-growing collection of sweaters.  (It’s like J Crew is slowly taking over my life…)  And what I thought would end in a bag or two of items well past their expiration date, that I could drop off at the local Salvation Army, turned into, well… this:

photo (10)

Um… Yeah.  So 9 BAGS LATER… At least now I have room to buy new things, right?

2.  OMG! I forgot to tell you guys that I finally watched Love Actually, and I freaking loved it.  I pretty much watched it back to back, and then almost watched it again.  It’s this weird thing I do with movies I love.  Crazy Stupid Love was the last movie I did this with, and before that I think Juno?  Either way, I realize now why so many people gave me shit for never having seen it before and I fully appreciate your harassment as I now understand that I completely deserved it.  Also:  Karl.  Enough said.

3.  I am rapidly nearing the series finale of Dawson’s Creek, and it makes me kind of weepy just thinking about it. I feel like I’ve become so close again with Joey, Pacey and the gang, and I’m not sure what to do with my nights once they run out.  I also just reacquainted myself with the extremely dreamy Eddie Doling, the bartender from the wrong side of the tracks who sneaks into Joey’s English class as well as her heart.  I somehow forgot about this smoldering hunk of tv man meat, but am so happy to see again.

Eddie Doling

Yeah.  Hi there.

4.  I am SO excited, because this weekend I am going to have a sleepover with the lovely Jess, and I fear we are going to do some extreme retail damage.  I plan to do the bulk of my Christmas shopping, however, I fear it will all be for myself.  But let’s remember that in 19 days I will be hitting the big 3-0, and if there was ever a reason to spend a ridiculous amount of money on frivolous things like makeup and leather leggings, this is it.  In addition I am confident that we will have an amazing time eating all the things and drinking wine and talking celebrity gossip, so retail therapy aside, it will be a great time.  Of that I’m sure.

Ok, well that’s it for me, hope you all have great weekends and I will catch you on the flip side…


A Few Things Friday

Top of the morning to you, friends. It’s Friday, and since I suck at blogging lately and have resorted to sporadic posting once or twice a week, and can barely conceptualize complete thoughts anymore, you know what it’s time for!

That’s right: a few things Friday.

Let’s start with a success story:

Yes, that my friends is what we call a “good month.” They should be sending us a medal and a round of applause instead of a stern email notification.

Secondly, let’s talk about something that has me more than a little excited…

Yeah, this is happening this weekend. Sorry mom. At least I didn’t tell you when I was reading 50 Shades of Grey. Oh… crap.

Moving along…

I have been on a major shopping kick these last few months (mostly Target and TJ Maxx), and now I think it’s time to edit what’s currently hanging in my closet. I am setting a goal this Saturday to rummage through everything with the “1 year rule” in full-effect. AKA: If I haven’t worn something in an entire year, it goes. I’ll probably donate most of it, maybe consign some of it, but either way it got-sta go. I have way too many things that my hoarder-like intuitions are clinging to and that have no place in a 29-year-old woman’s closet. Do I like the blue striped American Eagle tube top I bought in 11th grade? Sure. But let’s get serious here. I might as well label it as the “Cougar Collection.” Wait, am I old enough to be a cougar yet? Maybe I’m just a panther… What were we saying about Magic Mike? Does anyone have any Ritalin?

And lastly, I have been on a warpath to clean up my diet, and get back into more of a challenging workout schedule. I’m checking out a new gym next week that’s much closer to my work and therefor much more likely that I’ll actually go. I’m excited for all the classes they offer, but… I’m actually kind of nervous. I liked the little community I got to know at my old gym, and I kind of feel like I’m starting at a new school. I’ll have to make sure I wear my cutest workout clothes and hide in the back of the class so no one hates me and calls me names behind my back. Also, I’ve been off the sauce during the week again, but thankfully it hasn’t been as difficult this time. I find that drinking something other than water out of a wine glass helps, as does not having an all-access pass to chilled Sauvignon Blanc.

If anything, it makes me feel kind of fancy to drink my kombucha out of a wine glass. As does wearing a tiara around the house, but it’s not like I ever do that…

Oh wait! One more thing- yesterday was my beautiful momma’s birthday, so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Mom, I love you! (Please don’t judge my smutty choices in bad literature and movies.)

Have a great weekend kittens xo


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