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A Few Things Friday

tree peony

Never have I ever been so excited for a long weekend. And even though we do have quite a few events going on this weekend, the number one priority for me is sleeping and catching up on all my stories. That being said, it’s been some time since my last AFTF so I thought I’d pop in for a quick brain dump of what’s been going on in Jess World!

1. I FINALLY read a book that I really, truly loved. My mother-in-law suggested it to me and she was so spot on. It was Eleanor & Park, and I read it in two days. It’s a story about young love and being awkward and all the things I love to get lost in when reading a book. Hence my plan to someday author a YA novel, many of which I’ve started, and none have I finished. But after reading this I’m kind of inspired to write again, so we shall see how long that lasts. Anyways, if you haven’t read it yet and are looking for a good “summer read”, I couldn’t recommend it higher.

mountains in Idaho

2. I just got back from Boise, Idaho, and am absolutely in love with that city. Not only was it insanely beautiful, but super clean with lots of great little shops and restaurants. It’s so thrilling to me to be that close to these huge, rolling mountains. Kind of makes me want to get like 4 more dogs and only wear cargo pants. Of course at one point I found myself wandering into a little boutiquey shop that I passed by and absolutely had to go in, and after about a minute I realized it was an Anthropologie. (Like a moth to a flame.) We also had an amazing dinner at a restaurant called Bardenay, where they distill their own vodka and gin, and make one hell of a drink. Like this one, they call “Basil Instinct”:

Basil Instinct via BardenayOr as I referred to it on Instagram, “boozy basil”.  Hello, lover.

3. Speaking of dogs, we were actually supposed to get one a few weeks ago, but the family who was giving the little guy up changed their minds at the last minute and decided they wanted to keep him. It was really tough because I had to do a lot of convincing to Brandon that the poor pup needed us since they didn’t think they could care for him anymore. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was crushed when I got the email that he wasn’t coming to live with us, and moped around for a few days. But on the bright side, I think I’ve finally convinced Brandon that it’s time to get a new friend for the Macster, so hopefully when we get back from our trip to Denver we will be ready to add to the pack.

4. Lets talk really quickly about what I’m loving on the ol’ TV these days:

Silicon Valley: I am so pleasantly surprised by this show (not sure why it surprised me, I’ve always been a fan of Mike Judge, or at least a huge fan of Office Space). Maybe it’s because I sort of feel like since I work for a company that  does web design and social media that I sort of “get” their whole wonderfully nerdy world. (And I really do say that with full awareness of what a huge digital media nerd I am.)  But really I think it’s the awesome casting and hilarious writing that have kept me watching and telling everyone to do the same.

Orphan Black: After hearing about how much I would “love this show” a few times last year, I finally decided to give it a try and ended up power-watching it in about three days. So far the new season is just as great as the first, and I still cannot believe what a great actress Tatiana Maslaney is. If you need a great show to get into, definitely give this one a try.

And the obvious… Game of Thrones. Thank God Brandon is like a GOT encyclopedia, he remembers every single town, name and alliance, which is great for someone like me who has the attention span of a gnat. This season has been amazing so far (still can’t get over how great the “Purple Wedding” episode was) and I’m definitely on the edge of my seat waiting to see how shit goes down.

So that’s probably enough of my ramblings for today, I hope you guy all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Stay classy. xo




The Worst Airplane Seat Neighbors

Hi blog friends! I missed your faces so I thought I’d pop in for a quickie. (Insert immature giggle).

Not much new in Jess World, just the usual. I had a little break from traveling but I’m back at it again, and this time we’re headed to the great state of North Dakota! I’m not going to lie, I’m actually kind of excited to go to Fargo, just not near any wood chippers.

Oh hi, Steve.

Last week was the first time I’ve ever flown in to and out of a city all in one day, and it was something special. It actually kind of blows my mind that you can be 3 large states away that quickly and back in your own bed that same night. (And in case you were wondering, 4 is the number of flights in one day that equals too many.) As I was sitting on my fourth and final flight of the day, blasting John Mayer into my ear holes in an unsuccessful attempt to drown out the bloody-murder screaming of the small infant seated in front of me, I started to compile a list. This list was inspired by my constant state of losing the airplane seat lottery. No really, like every single time.  And when I’m really lucky, they get progressively worse throughout the trip so that my very last nerve is worn by the last of the offenders. And just to be clear, no, I don’t think I’m the “perfect passenger”. For example, I have a bladder the size of a pea, so God help you if I’m not in the aisle seat. Also sometimes I fall asleep and am pretty sure I drool on myself while I’m not doing the head-jerk move that happens when you pass out sitting up. Also I am constantly toggling back and forth between magazines, mobile devices and anything else that can keep my mind off of plummeting hundreds of thousands of feet from the sky.

So now that I’ve adequately belittled myself I can talk smack on everyone else, yes? Great. I present to you, my list of The Worst Airplane Seat Neighbors.

1.  People who wear too much cologne/perfume/Bengay. Just what exactly are you covering up?

2. People who don’t understand the boundary that is the arm rest. This is my dance space, this is your dance space…

3. People who eat really weird pungent food. I’m not eating this boring disgusting sandwich because I like boring disgusting sandwiches. It’s a respect thing, people.

4. People who talk very loudly and cavalierly about plane crashes and/or natural disasters when you are clearly already freaked the f out about floating through the sky. Where is that beverage cart?

5. People who want to talk to you past the initial polite small talk. I don’t care about your child’s proclivity for making bad decisions. Is your troubled kid here? Would he/she switch seats with you?

6. People who read over your shoulder. If you want to you know what the drama is between Kim and Beyonce and how JHud really lost the weight then you should have spent the $4.99 to find out for yourself. And don’t even THINK about helping me with the crossword puzzle.

And the absolute, very worst people…

7. The people who clap when the plane lands. (But also I do kind of want to kiss the pilot right on the mouth for getting me home safely.)

As much as I hate to stop on an odd number, I think I lost my vision temporarily after 40 minutes of screaming baby in the face. So that’s where I stopped.

Now please commiserate with me and tell me who you hate to sit next to! Isn’t judging fun?


March Beauty Favorites

Remember when I used to post these, like, regularly? Also I made videos for a while… that was fun.  Not to say I won’t ever do that again, but frankly they take a metric crapton of time and a computer that is much faster than the one we have at home.

Alas I’m reinstating my beloved beauty favorites now that I’ve become reacquainted with blogging, so here you have it:

1 march beauty favorites

I tried to keep it pretty short, so I stuck with my top five.

2 march beauty favorites

1. Michael Todd True Organics // Knu Anti Aging Face Lift. Ok, so yes. This stuff is pretty expensive. In fact, it’s probably the most expensive face lotion I’ve ever owned. BUT… my mom gave it to me after she purchased it on Living Social and decided she didn’t like the smell. I, however, absolutely love it. In fact, I think I might have to get a second job so I can afford to re-purchase it when it runs out. My skin is really oily and very sensitive, so when I find something that works, I cling onto it for dear life. It goes on like whipped cream and is absolutely wonderful on the skin. They actually have a slew of other moisturizers that I might have to try before I buy this one (the moisture-lite is only $29, hello.) But if you’re an anti-aging freak like me and have a tendency to invest in skin products, I’d say give this one a try.

2. Real Techniques // Miracle Complexion Sponge. I was a die-hard Beauty Blender lover since the first time I tried it, and never thought I’d find another that I loved as much. Well I have. And it’s like.. a quarter of the price. This little gem is from my favorite brush line and costs a whopping $5.99! I know. I use mine for all over foundation application as well as just blending concealer under my powder foundation. It’s truly an amazing product. Buy it. Use it. Love it.

3.NYX // Butter GlossTHESE GLOSSES! Seriously. I bought a three pack at Ulta for like $4 a few months ago and haven’t looked back since. They add a beautiful wash of color without having to deal with the drama of lipstick and they last a pretty long time, too. I also really love the consistency of them and the smell. These are in the running with my beloved Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains from Revlon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I have every single color by the end of the summer.

NYX butter gloss swatches

Left to right: Apple Strudel (my favorite!), Cherry Pie, and Merengue. 

4. BUXOM // Full-On Lip Polish (in Jennifer) I’ve had a few of these guys throughout my life as a self-proclaimed lip gloss junkie (I think Katie was my favorite for about 3 years), but I’ve found a new name that I can’t live without. Her name is Jennifer. People actually call me Jennifer (or Jen) a lot, and I’m assuming it’s just because Jessica and Jennifer are like 90% of the names of girls born in 1982, but hey, whatever. This color is so absolutely gorgeous, and actually very much on trend with the whole “Orchid” pantone color of the year for 2014 thing. These glosses are tingly, minty and have a slight plumping effect. Or at least I feel like my lips are plumper after I put it on,and don’t we all just want to feel like Jessica Rabbit for a little?

buxom swatch in jennifer

5. It’s a 10 // Miracle Leave-In Product I actually got this as a sample in my Birchbox and immediately exclaimed it was the best sample I’d ever received. As someone who blow-dries, curls or straightens her hair pretty much daily, my poor tresses need some tender lovin. This stuff makes such a huge difference. They say it has 10 benefits (you can check the site if you really want to know them) but for me, the number one benefit is that my hair is so much less frizzy at the ends. I have now added water to this twice to get every last drippity-drop out of the bottle so I think it’s time to suck it up and buy a new one. Wah.

So those are my five this month, anything worth noting you’d like to share? A winning lottery ticket would be nice.


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