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Lightened-Up Chicken Cordon Bleu (With Kale)


Just before we even get rolling here, let me preface this with the fact that these pictures are pretty terrible.  I can only assume I was having some libations during this process, but it’s clear that I had zero shits to give while documenting the end-half of this recipe… and for that I apologize.  But I promise these turned out super tasty.

Alrighty then.  So I made Chicken Cordon Bleu once before, and it was delightful.  But I decided to take it one-step further on the health-o-meter this time and go naked on the chicken breasts.  (That sentence is sure to get me all KINDS of lovely search-terms!)  I normally love to coat everything I place in my gullet in a thick layer of crispy crunchy breadcrumbs, but I decided to go commando this time.  And I have to tell you, I honestly didn’t miss them.

chicken cordon bleu with kale

Does anyone else looooathe handling raw chicken? I mean, I hate that I’m even posting this picture, but I figured it might be slightly helpful in the preparation process.  Seriously, it’s the worst.  And then when I’m done, I feel like I can’t touch anything for 3 hours, even after I’ve washed my hands 27 and a half times.  I know there are still germs hiding somewhere!!

I do, however, enjoy thoroughly-cooked chicken, especially when layered with things like cheese, cheese, ham, cheese and I suppose some green stuff.  And the best part about layering lots of tasty ingredients is that it makes it so much easier to sneak in veggies.  Yep, I went Stealthy-Jess mode on this one.  Brandon didn’t even realize he was eating kale (which he claims to have no interest in) until his plate was clean.  HA.

chicken cordon bleu

Lightened-Up Chicken Cordon Bleu (w/ Kale)
Serves: 4
Cook time: About 35-40 minutes
You’ll Need:
2 large chicken breasts
Small bunch of kale
4 oz mozzarella (reduced-fat)
4 slices of 99% fat free ham
1/2 tsp dried parsley
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper
Salt & pepper
8 toothpicks

Directions: Preheat oven to 400.  Slice your chicken breasts into halves, and tenderize until flat and almost doubled in size.  Cover a pan with aluminum foil and lay your chicken out flat.  Season with parsley and garlic.  Start layering ham (fold into quarters), cheese and then kale, and then fold the bare side over the filling and secure with two toothpicks.  Again, season with parsley, garlic, just a dash of salt & pepper, and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper.  Repeat for all four pieces of chicken.  Cook for 35-40 minutes, or until golden brown and fully cooked throughout.  (I went with 40 and mine were slightly over-cooked. But I actually prefer my chicken that way, I know I’m weird.)

Printer-Friendly Recipe

chicken cordon bleu 2

So terrible photography aside, this is a great easy weeknight recipe that I am definitely going to be making again soon. Perhaps I should have done that, and then taken new pictures, but hey, I know you guys only come here for the booze-talk and reality tv chatter.  You know, the important things in life.

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18 thoughts on “Lightened-Up Chicken Cordon Bleu (With Kale)

  1. I’m making my way through the big Costco bag of baby kale this week. Great recipe.

  2. this looks delicious!! and easy enough for even ME to make (i consist off of 2 ingredient banana pancakes and nut butter when im not eating with the bf haha). thanks for posting such a great simple recipe! will be trying this weekend (with wine of course) :)

  3. Mmmmm, sounds like a winner. I used to eat chicken cordon bleu all the time growing up, but trust me, it wasn’t the healthified version.

  4. i feel the same way about handling raw chicken. but i’m always looking for a quick week night dinner idea with chicken, so i’m going to give yours a try!

  5. This looks delicious! And I don’t think the photos are bad at all! Why is it that I never think to make these classic dishes anymore? It’s always so good and such a crowd pleaser.

  6. Such perfect timing. Pretty sure I’m cooking chicken for dinner tonight (because how else do you show someone how insanely OCD you are about germs), and now I don’t have to look for a recipe. This is why you’re my favorite.

  7. Raw chicken is THE worst! Ick. But this looks fabulous and I think your pictures are lovely :)

  8. Love that you folded kale into this recipe, sounds so good! Also, why am I seriously not bothered by handling raw chicken? I am kinda disturbed even with myself over this… but it’s true. Doesn’t bother me in least. Something is not right there lol.

  9. Ohhh–I love the addition of kale! Beautiful recipe!

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